App a day keeps the bad photos away

Keys to success with photography? All that boring planning like looking at maps and watching the weather channel:) it is so much easier today to plan then before. 

Yes I still have my real maps but google maps has made my time estimates more accurate. Time management is not my strong suit. Now I am able to save locations and find travel times and directions correctly. 

My two favorite photo app is PhotoPills and the Photographer’s Ephemeris. They are awesome. If you need to find where the sun is coming up at or where the Milky Way is and what time it will appear at. 

PhotoPills is great for Milky Way information 

The Photographer’s Ephemeris is great for sunrise or sunset planning

Now that you found you locations what about the weather. I use three different apps The Weather Channel, Weather underground, and AccuWeather. Weather underground is great for viewing the hundreds of webcams so you can see the real weather. TWC and AccuWeather I use to predict weather and cloud cover. 

I hope this helps your planning. So many resources available now at the tip of our fingers. What apps do you use? I would love to hear.
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