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Blue Knob Snow Tree

Finally it is snow season and my favorite time of the year!!!!!


Black and White Snow Photos

I love when it snows it makes everything peaceful and beautiful. The sound of the snow falling down on the trees or maybe how delicious those snowflakes taste on your tongue. Plus the world becomes a playground for my skis and snowboard. Here in Pennsylvania we get a few weeks out of the year where it feels like winter. After living in the mountains of Colorado for 10 years I am use to snow from October till April. (yes I have shoveled snow every month of the year and also went snowboarding)


Fourth of July Bowl in Breckenridge, Colorado in August.

How to take great snow photos?

Get outside the second it starts. Catch the clean snow. After a few days of wind the dirt will go blow on top of the pristine white snow and ruin it. Use different shutter speeds to catch the snow as it falls. Do you want the dots of snow in your picture try a shutter speed faster then 1/125 of a second. Would you like the snow to streak? Put your camera on a tripod and shoot for 1/30 or slower. Always take multiple exposure with different shutter speeds to see which effect you like. Film is cheap. Plus the snow will be blowing at different speeds. Play around and don’t drop your camera in the snow.

Composition in the snow…..

Look for silhouetted trees or frame a pine tree in between other trees. Here in Pennsylvania we have some great woods that have random Pines or Mountain Laurel in it. Catch a building or barn with the snow covering it. Go back to your favorite locations when they have snow and see how that changes the perspective. Last words of wisdom…when you look out your window and say the snow looks really pretty…that is when you want to take your camera out. Remember there is never bad weather just bad clothes or fashion choices.