Top 9 Photos from 2020

Kitts Hummock-finally got to visit this Delaware Bay Beach. I heard so many cool stories about this picturesque beach. Now I Need to go at sunset or sunrise

Purple Flowers from Country Dahlias shot in my Kitchen. Zooming in and filling the frame saves you from worrying about the dirty dishes in sink.

Tower Beach at Delaware Seashore State Park at sunset. Probably my favorite handheld shot of the year. I went for a walk on the beach at sunset and I have always wanted to capture the power and peacefulness of a wave

Gordon’s Pond Sunrise at Cape Henlopen State Park. The presidential state park that has an awesome bike path. Just make sure you don’t forget your bug spray in the summer.

Swamp Forest Ferns at Lums Pond State Park. Went for the sunrise photo over the lake and took home a fern photo. Ferns are one of my favorites to shoot

Indian River Marina sunrise. High tide and storm helped give Delaware some waves. Nothing like the Oregon coast but still fun to watch

Rockford Tower one morning after catching sunrise along the Delaware Bay

Lost Road in Appalachia. I have been on this road once or twice before this shot. This was a turn around and go back and shoot this photo. How many of us have turned around because they saw something so cool? Best part of going to the middle of no where is no traffic. Yes I had focus set and exposure set before I even debated about going in the middle of the road

Prince Gallitzin State Park during sunrise in October. We had one of the best fall colors in years here in the Mid Atlantic. This sunrise was perfect with the fog and light hitting the trees.

2021 plan is to finish a book I have been working on and create more images to share. Also be on the lookout for some of my instrctional videos on how to create better photographs.Shop This Image -Brandon

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