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Horse with No Name

Who wants a free print?

Less then a week left to name the Icelandic Horse in the photo below. Contest ends February 2

Giving away a 16×24 Canvas Print with a free 2020 Brandon Hirt Photo Calendar.

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Horse with no name


Help me name this Horse from Iceland? I need to name her

I’m giving away a 16×24 Canvas print of the Iceland Horse.

Click the link below to enter¬†ūüĎá


Anyone else have issues naming their work? I always thought a good photo doesn’t need a name? Maybe Horse Photo number 5?

Giveaway ends on February 2nd. This is one of my last canvas prints from the previous Art Show season so it does show some love. Want to see her in person? Go to Bottleworks in Johnstown.

Blue Knob Snow Tree

Finally it is snow season and my favorite time of the year!!!!!


Black and White Snow Photos

I love when it snows it makes everything peaceful and beautiful. The sound of the snow falling down on the trees or maybe how delicious those snowflakes taste on your tongue. Plus the world becomes a playground for my skis and snowboard. Here in Pennsylvania we get a few weeks out of the year where it feels like winter. After living in the mountains of Colorado for 10 years I am use to snow from October till April. (yes I have shoveled snow every month of the year and also went snowboarding)


Fourth of July Bowl in Breckenridge, Colorado in August.

How to take great snow photos?

Get outside the second it starts. Catch the clean snow. After a few days of wind the dirt will go blow on top of the pristine white snow and ruin it. Use different shutter speeds to catch the snow as it falls. Do you want the dots of snow in your picture try a shutter speed faster then 1/125 of a second. Would you like the snow to streak? Put your camera on a tripod and shoot for 1/30 or slower. Always take multiple exposure with different shutter speeds to see which effect you like. Film is cheap. Plus the snow will be blowing at different speeds. Play around and don’t drop your camera in the snow.

Composition in the snow…..

Look for silhouetted trees or frame a pine tree in between other trees. Here in Pennsylvania we have some great woods that have random Pines or Mountain Laurel in it. Catch a building or barn with the snow covering it. Go back to your favorite locations when they have snow and see how that changes the perspective. Last words of wisdom…when you look out your window and say the snow looks really pretty…that is when you want to take your camera out. Remember there is never bad weather just bad clothes or fashion choices.

New Studio Space

Moving into a new studio space at Bottleworks in Johnstown. Doors will always be open if you want to check out my work. Also many great items in the Gallery Store at Bottleworks.

Autumn Image from Blackwater Falls State Park in West Virginia


Also check out

321 Gallery in Hollidaysburg

Artist Hand Gallery in Indiana, PA

New Gallery space coming December 1st……..



Brandon Hirt Opening Reception March 4 1-3 Pm

Opening Reception this Saturday!
The Community Arts Center is thrilled to announce our 2nd Gallery Exhibit of the year, Luminous Landscapes, a photography exhibition by local artist, Brandon Hirt.
An opening reception will be held this Saturday, March 4 from 1pm – 3 pm, with a Gallery Talk with the photographer at 2pm.

Luminous Landscape at Community Arts Center

Central Pa Live Interview


Brandon Hirt Photography Top 10 of 2016

10. Ohiopyle Snow

I was on my way to take photos of Cucumber Falls at Ohiopyle State Park but while I was walking around I looked up the hill side to see the fog rolling in. This made a really interesting image.


9. Glendale Night

Prince Gallitzin State Park is one of my favorite fishing destinations. Being in the middle of almost no where helps to see the stars and the Milky Way.


8 Assateague Lighthouse

Chincoteague Island on a bluebird morning during Easter weekend in Virginia we walked around Chinocteague to its famous lighthouse. The line was long to go inside so it made me look up and capture the lighthouse from the base looking up.


7 Big Ben and Friends

Baby Ben and his friends in the pasture checking out what was going on during Vale Wood Farms famous Pumpkin Patch


6. Laurel Highlands Sunrise

Hiking out to Beam Rocks on the Laurel Ridge Trail the sun poked in and out of the trees so this was a moment that the destination but the experience along the way was the photo.


5. Indian River Morning

Driving from Dewey Beach to capture the sunrise in Bethany Beach I found the moon super pleasing to the eye. I was going to stop at the Indian River Inlet to get a couple images of the bridge during dawn. When I arrived I noticed the moon would look cool with the lines of the bridge


4. Fair Night

My favorite night of the year it is the fireworks at the Cambria County Fair. So many lights and fried food smells. Deep Fried Oreos and Tripods.


3. Dewey Beach

Stars came out on this clear night with the light of Rehoboth Beach in the distance.


2. Blackwater Falls State Park

The famous waterfall that every photographer has in a 5 state radius. It does take some careful walking down to but it is rewarding. This is what happens when you visit a spot multiple time you start looking for a new perspective after capture the shot. The swirl in the same pool with a few fall leaves in it is the true story so I wanted to make it the main focal point. So I used my 70-200 instead a wide angle to capture the swirl


1.Ebensburg Night

Wheels and Wings is an exciting night to capture all the bikes and characters that show up. Usually a street that is quiet at night becomes busy. I have always stayed on the sideline to capture the car lights but I noticed a sign put up to slow traffic. No better place to put your camera and tripod. I always wanted to capture the traffic go towards you on one side and away on the other side. Using a remote shutter release. I was able to stand on the side walk and watch this truck go with in inches of knocking over the sign and my camera.