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Pennsylvania Summer Time Photo Ideas

So summer has sprung and its time to take that parka off. Since the snow melted away from the mountains of the Laurel Highlands it is time to get ready for longer days and warmer nights. It is time to stop waiting for the next “pretty snow” and look for water, flowers, and other wild things. Here are some spring time photo locations in the Keystone State. This is voted on by my cats.


 From downtowns full of trees and flowers blooming to all the different gardens of Longwood Gardens in Kennett Square to Penn State Arboretum to Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh. We are also lucky to have all the wildflowers that come alive in the next few weeks. Pennsylvania state flower is the Mountain Laurel except to see it bloom in June and July. During a windy summer evening I decided to use a longer exposure to catch the purple and green in the gardens at the Penn State Arboreteum. On the right is an image of some mountain laurel blooming on a river in July during a warm morning.pnc-2 pnc-3


Ricketts Glen State Park one of my favorite locations to shot waterfalls in Pennsylvania but we have hundreds of other choices to pick from Ohiopyle State Park to Trough Creek State Park. Visit any of our State parks and take your camera for a hike, bike, or boat ride. Ricketts Glen on the left and center image with Rainbow Falls at Trough Creek on the right.

trough creek-3ricketttsglenntrough creek-2


No better time to wake up early then on a warm summer morning and catch the sun come up. Go visit a local famous spot like this at the Altoona Cathedral Sunrise Altoona

Baseball Stadiums

We are lucky to have one of the top baseball stadiums with PNC Park in Pittsburgh Pirates and Citizen Bank Stadium in Philadelphia. Also with the Major leagues we have multiple minor league teams from the Altoona Curve  Erie Seawolves,  Scanton Railriders, and the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs.


Urban exploring at Night

Pick up your tripod and find a city. From Philly to Pittsburgh plenty of great warm nights to take your camera out during the city lights. Start at sunset and keep shooting until the twilight disappears. Visit your local city like Altoona or Williamsport where you can find some great old buildings like below of the Cathedral in Altoona.

 Urban night walk in Pittsburgh


Kauffman Clock

Enjoy the day!

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