My favorite 5 State Park Beaches

Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware

Sunrise during a warm July morning looking towards the Point. This park is great for sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean and sunsets over the Delaware Bay. It has great beaches, bike trails, and a great campground. What more do you need this summer? I can’t wait to jump in this water in a few weeks. Check it out or view more of my Delaware Beach Images at

Sunrise Bike Ride at Cape Henlopen

Oregon’s Ecola State Park

When you think of the beach this place is the complete opposite of the Eastern Shore. Thinking it is always sunny and warm at the beach right? After waking up at sunrise I tried to make egg in the pouring down rain. That was the best part. Such a cool place.

Presque Isle State Park in Pennsylvania

I always thought we were landlocked here. I know you hear Erie has a beach but then you show up on warm September day and think screw the crowds this is pretty chill. Find out more at Presque Isle State Park’s website

Lake Erie Photos at

Florida’s Gasparilla State Park

We made sunset just in time at the Gasparilla lighthouse. When you think of January you usually think of white snow not white sand. Discover this beach and make some plans at

Florida Seascape Photography

Hawaii’s Hapuna State Park

When you talk about beaches you need to have a Hawaiian beach?
Hapuna Beach State Park

Hawaii Seascape Photography by Brandon Hirt


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