Who Loves Sunflowers?

Front Range Sunflower 
This was one of my first favorite sunflower photos I snapped. When I was living in Denver I kept hearing these rumors about the super cool sunflower fields by DIA. So I thought why not stop at one on the way to the airport. I am a late person so being early scares me. Anyone else agree? 

If you ever been to DIA you know you can see for miles since it is flat. You can see a Prairie Dog five miles away to the east and Mt Evans to the west. I got lucky and found a field in time before I had to rush off to the airport. 

So I grab my camera (Nikon f100) with 24-105 macro lens(anyone find that lens yet I lost it a few years ago) loaded it up with Fuji Velvia 50 and started snapping. This was shot during the summer of 2002. 

Why I have always loved this image? The colors I just love the yellow flower with the deep blue morning Colorado sky. The composition I love the focus on the main flower and you can see the party behind it. Kind of a mullet of a photo? Business in the front and party in the back. I love having the top third with the blue sky then the main flower in the middle third and the stems growing up from the bottom third. 

My keys to shooting flowers
Shoot during golden hours 
Focus on one flower that sticks out to you
Get close


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